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Project BioVer from the BioCentric Design Group wins 3rd Prize at RESHAPE18

2 Nov , 2018   Video

The project BioVer has won third prize on the Wearable Technology category at RESHAPE18. The project, which proposes exquisitely designed jewellery/worn pieces which constitute “unfolded petri dishes” which in the words of the designers are:

“…digitally redesigned as a ring and a necklace, are in fact inhabited by specimens of Physarum polycephalum, protist observable by the naked eye that is highly sensitive to its environment. This bright yellow slime mould in constant search for nutrients exhibits exceptional problem solving capacities carried out through a sort of exteriorisation of its memory, literally building its future direction from and with past experiences.”

The project was developed by members of the BioCentric Design group and collaborators which includes our own Thora Arnardottir. Full credits below:

Designers: Jessica Dias, Thora Hafdis Arnardottir, Agustina Ros,  Nikos Argyros
Theoretical framework: Pierluca D’Amato
Photographer: Sandro Arabyan
Model: Lili Tayefi



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