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Highlights from MIT Media Lab Global Biosummit

9 Nov , 2018  

The Global Community Biosummit held at MIT Media Lab brought together over 300 participants of DIY bio-enthusiasts from all over the world to convene, and continue the evolution of the ‘community biotechnology’ movement. The Bio Summit developed, through a co-creation process, a ‘Statement of Shared Purpose’ for the community :

Our shared purpose is to fundamentally transform the life sciences and democratize biotechnology to inspire creativity and improve lives by organizing life science change-makers and bioenthusiasts to build an inclusive global network, cultivate and accessible commons of knowledge and resources, launch community laboratories and projects, and enable local educators. 

During this event, Martyn presented our work on biotechnology for the built environment and Thora introduced her thesis work on biomineralisation as well as the biodesign collective she’s a part of, BioBabes.

Image: Noor El-Gewely


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