Architectural Technology Studio 2019: Building with Living Materials

4 Feb , 2019  

Students from level 5 and 6 started their experimentation on a living material exploration today. The studio, 4th Order: Building with Living Materials led by Martyn Dade-Robertson, Thora H Arnardottir and Dilan Ozkan, focuses on exploring, not only, the material properties of mycelium-based materials, but the semiotics of the material. It aims to define the 4th classical order after the three ancient Greek architectural columns orders: Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. The Capital represents a junction between two elements and questions how the mycelium material interacts with those elements. To what extent will the mycelium take their own form?

This week students spent time in the lab working with Oyster Mushroom, Pleurotus ostreatus, spawn and mixing it with substrates into different moulds.




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