Mycelium Construction

21 Mar , 2019  

Architecture students from level 5 and 6 concluded their exploration into building with a living material with an exhibition at the Laing Gallery.  Their investigation was carried out in the Bio Design Lab at Newcastle University which allowed the students to interact and conduct experiments in a sterile and contained laboratory environment.


20190318_myco texture


Microscopic view of the intersection of hyphae branching


Tasks focused on utilising a living binder through mycelium, the vegetative part of a mushroom, in a variety of substrates and to analyse their structure on a microscopic level. The students were asked to design moulds that questioned the semiotics of the material and to enable, through interaction between the hyphae branching and the nutrients, the mycelium to join and form structures.


20190318_myco mushroom Final mould bound with mycelium


Fruiting bodies of the Oyster mushroom appearing from the petri dish


The technology studio, 4th Order: Building with Living Materials was led by Martyn Dade-RobertsonThora H Arnardottir and Dilan Ozkan


Students: Tori Ellis, Sarah Hollywell, Josh Higginbottom, Sarah Rogers, Jack Ingham, Lydia Mills, Josie Foster


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