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Investigating the Properties of Mycelium to Develop Free Form Building Materials

12 Apr , 2019  

Today, mycelium is used in many different ways: As packaging in industry; as acoustic panels; wall insulation, bricks in buildings, as textile or as a raw material in designed objects such as furniture. The purpose of this research is to explore the tectonic features and possibilities of pure mycelium as a living building material by going beyond the limitations of linear moulding techniques. The first phase of the study involves physical material experimentation to understand its properties and nature. After having a grasp of mycelium’s behaviour, the research will carry on by manipulating the material growth. Appreciating, how biomaterial interacts with its holder as a restrictor will lead to architectonic and spatial investigations. In this study, different ways of approaching architectural fabrication that focus on revealing the potential of living organisms can demonstrate a new principle in material making processes and forms. The process of production and subsequent result will be studied in the context of architectural theory.

Keywords: Pure mycelium, non-linear materiality, reconfigurable moulding, self-assembly, multi materiality

Abstract from Dilan Ozkan, PhD. student at Newcastle University at the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape investigating mycelium and it’s use in architectural fabrication.


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