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Job Openings: Research Intensive Academic Track Positions

19 Jun , 2019  

The world’s first research Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment (HBBE) has received £8million in funding from Research England in partnership with Northumbria, that combines two research clusters: Architectural Design at Newcastle University and Biotechnology at Northumbria University. Co-led by Martyn Dade-Robertson, the Hub aims to develop new technologies and create a new generation of Living Buildings that are responsive to their natural environment.

Newcastle University and Northumbria University are looking for a number of new positions to be filled in order to support the development of our new Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment. We are looking for new members of the team in many different fields and across many different disciplines.


The initial expansion will include recruiting more than 30 new members of staff across a range of fields from Architectural Design to Bio Engineering and we are aiming to create a grouping of more than 80 researchers by the end of 2022/23.Three new research facilities will integrate our research: the Micro Bio-Design Lab, the Macro Bio-Design Lab and a unique Experimental ‘Living’ House, ‘The OME’. – www.bbe.ac.uk


Click here for more information and to apply.



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