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Mycology Scholarship Winner

2 Aug , 2019  

We are happy to announce that Dilan has received the Herbert M. Saylor Memorial Scholarship from the Sonoma County Mycological Association for her research in Demonstrating a Material Making Process Through the Cultivation of Mycelium Growth.

‘Going beyond the square brick by designing a circuit that deposits nutrient’

Screenshot 2019-08-02 at 15.29.37

Experimenting with growth conditions


Dilan is currently conducting research to explore the tectonic features and possibilities of pure mycelium as a living building material by going beyond the limitations of linear moulding techniques. The first phase of her study involves experimentation with physical material to understand its properties and nature. After having understood mycelium’s behaviour, the research will continue by exploring ways of guiding the growth of mycelium with certain tendencies or capacities from the material itself. Appreciating, how biomaterial interacts with its holder as a restrictor will lead to architectonic and spatial investigations. Dilan investigates different ways of approaching architectural fabrication that focus on revealing the potential of mycelium to demonstrate a new principle in the material making process and form.



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