20190805_Designer Biology

Last week we saw a plethora of exciting projects from young and established scientists working in the field of bioengineering/synthetic biology at the Designer Biology conference. This was a joint conference organised by The European Federation of Biotechnology Polymer Biotechnology Section and the Bioengineering and Bioprocessing Section, hosted by the Plant and Microbial Biology Group in the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences at Newcastle University

There to present their work during the poster presentations where Thora Arnardottir, Sunbin Lee, Polly Moreland, and Dilan Ozkan. They showed the diverse scale and focus of projects conducted here within the Synbio Construction network and HBBE These projects focused on working with mycelium in varied growth forms, bacterial cellulose, designing with bacterial cementation and understanding the genetic underpinning of a pressure sensing bacteria, as part of the Thinking Soils project.


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