Post by: Luis Hernan

Computational Colloids

Design of press mechanism

2 Dec , 2016   Gallery


The physical demonstrator needs to integrate a mechanism strong enough to produce the range of pressures required to activate our pressure-sensitive bacteria, in a form-factor that is easy to transport and operate in the microbiology lab. The sketches below correspond to some initial studies on mechanisms that enable producing relatively high force loads. The exploration […]

Computational Colloids

Challenges of interdisciplinary research

28 Nov , 2016  


One of the main challenges in this project is the different disciplines, practices and spaces that come into play. The ultimate goal of Computational Colloids is to produceĀ a genetically modified organism that is sensitive to pressure changes. This is particularly relevant in the context of foundations, where building produce pressure on soils volumes. Moreover, several […]

Computational Colloids

Design of the pressure vessel

17 Nov , 2016   Gallery


As described in the previous post, Computational colloids proposes a genetically modified organism that responds to pressure by synthesising material. A transitional stage involves finding a gene that will respond to pressure, amplify its response, and connect it to a luminescence module. The physical demonstrator is intended to operate, initially, in this transitional stage by […]