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Paper presented at ICETAD

23 Oct , 2019  


The 2019 International Conference on Emerging Technologies in Architectural Design (ICETAD2019) was held at the Department of Architectural Science at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada on October 17-18, where Assia Stefanova presented the paper Approach to Biologically Made Materials and Advanced Fabrication Practices. The focus of the conference was on the future potential and challenges of implementing new technologies into […]

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5 Jul , 2019   Video

The 2019 Engineering and Mechanics Institute Conference (EMI 2019) was held at the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, LA on June 18-21, 2019 and saw approximately 1000 delegates meet to exchange ideas about emerging engineering concepts.   Crude application incorporating multiple folds based around the Miura-ori origami fold pattern.   Emily Birch was invited to […]

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Paper: Mild hydrostatic pressure triggers oxidative responses in Escherichia coli

10 Sep , 2018  

plos one

Our paper titled: Mild hydrostatic pressure triggers oxidative responses in Escherichia coli has been published in the scientific journal Plos One, July issue.   The abstracts as follows: Hydrostatic pressure is an important physical stimulus which can cause various responses in bacterial cells. The survival and cellular processes of Escherichia coli under hydrostatic pressures between 10 MPa and […]

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Paper: Design and modelling of an engineered bacteria- based, pressure-sensitive soil

20 Aug , 2018  

bioinspiration and biomimetics2

We have published our paper on the design and modelling of an engineered bacteria-based, pressure-sensitive soil in Bioinspiration & Biomimetics, July issue.   The abstracts as follows:   In this paper, we describe the first steps in the design of a synthetic biological system based on the use of genetically modified bacteria to detect elevated […]

Paper, Thinking Soils

Javier Rodriguez Corral receives best paper at ICGRE’18 conference in Budapest

24 May , 2018  


We are pleased to announce that Javier Rodriguez Corral won the best paper award at the 3rd International Conference on Geotechnical Research and Engineering (ICGRE’18) in Budapest last month. The conference aim was to become the leading annual conference in fields related to geotechnical engineering, with over 120 papers presented. The conference paper: Agarose Gel as a Soil Analogue for Novel Ground […]

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Paper: Bacteria Spores at ACADIA

28 Oct , 2016  


We have presented out paper on Bacteria Spores at the University of Michigan in Anne Arbor. The abstracts as follows: The last few years has seen an increase in the interest to bring living systems into the process of design. Work with living systems, nonetheless, presents several challenges. Aspects such as access to specialists’ labs, […]

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“The Designs of the Natural” Presentation at the Baltic

23 Oct , 2016  

Martyn Dade-Robertson gave a presentation as part of the playfulness themed session at the Northern Bridge Conference held at the Baltic Gallery for Contemporary Art in Newcastle upon Tyne. The short presentation took a philosophical perspective on the role of Deep Technologies (such as genetic engineering) on Design and Society using Herbert Simon’s “The Sciences of […]

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ARQ Special Edition on Biotechnology and the Built Environment

4 Aug , 2016  


A special issue of Cambridge University Press’s ARQ (Architectural Research Quarterly) on Biotechnology and the  Built Environment has just come out. Edited by Martyn Dade-Robertson and Rachel Armstrong and with contributions from International Designers and Researchers. The editorial is as follows: Advances in the biological sciences have, we are told, brought about a biotechnology revolution. […]

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Computational Colloids Project at ACADIA 2016

11 Jul , 2016  

Dade-Robertson_For Web_Low

The Computational Colloids project will be presented at ACADIA 2016 (Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture). The paper which will be published in October 2016 will be presented in Michigan. The abstract is as follows: The paper details the computational modeling work to define a new type of responsive material system based on genetically […]

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Paper: Computational Colloids Project At SEED 2016

11 Jul , 2016  

Computational Colloids Image For Web

The Computational Colloids project will feature in a Poster presented at SEED 2016 in Chicago (Synthetic Biology: Engineering, Evolution & Design). The abstract for our poster is: We report on a novel project to integrate a civil engineering application with Synthetic Biology through the development of a mechanical sensing bacteria system. The project integrates a […]

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Paper: Computational Morphogenesis

6 Dec , 2015  


We have published a new paper in Computational Morphogenesis in ACADIA. The abstract is below: Architectural discourse has recently suggested a new material practice derived from advances in the field of synthetic biology. As biological organisms can now be designed and engineered for specific purposes, it is expected that, in the near future, it will be […]

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Paper: Material Ecologies for Synthetic Biology

6 Dec , 2015  

Sample 1 x1k

Our Material Ecologies for Synthetic Biologies paper has been published in Computer-Aided Design. Abstract and download are below: This paper discusses the role that material ecologies might have in the emerging engineering paradigm of Synthetic Biology (hereafter SB). In this paper we suggest that, as a result of the paradigm of SB, a new way […]

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Paper: Constructing Buildings on Mars

6 Dec , 2015  


Our Radical Vernacular paper has been published in JBIS. The abstract and download is below: Our current speculative discourse on the colonisation of other planets tends to consider future buildings through the lens of hi- tech architecture. However, we suggest that developments in biotechnology will enable types of construction which are beyond even our current […]