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25 May , 2019   Video

…watch this space.


Application of Bacterial Cellulose for Architectural Material Systems and Design

3 May , 2019  


Synthetic biology, a revolution in biotechnology, induces a more direct relationship between biology and the built environment, in which architecture makes use of materials and structures that are, in part, living.   This research aims to examine living matter in architecture to realise a living architectural membrane. This is conducted by exploring bacterial cellulose produced […]


3D Printed Bacteria

26 Sep , 2016  

To celebrate the Birthday of Professor Jeff ErringtonĀ (Director of the Centre for Cell and Bacterial Biology) Carolina Ramirez-Figueroa and Luis Hernan were commissioned to make a 3D printed bacteria cell – complete with Chromosome and Flagella. The (non-functioning) bacteria was produced using our new Form Labs printer.