Synbio.construction is website hosted by Newcastle University for research projects which integrate Synthetic Biology (SynBio) with Architectural Design and Civil Engineering. The site is centred one the project EPSRC funded project: Computational Colloids but also details other pilot projects.

SynBio is an emerging engineering discipline associated with the engineering of living organisms. The purpose of SynBio, according to the Royal Academy of Engineering, is ‘‘to design and engineer biologically based parts, novel devices and systems as well as redesigning existing, natural biological systems“. This website presents projects which bridge the scales between molecular level design to the design of materials and systems for the construction of the human built environment. Our hope is to create new living building technologies which are responsive, intelligent and self constructing. We specialise in bacteria based SynBio and our projects are split into three themes: Sensing and Actuation, Morphogenesis and Material Synthesis. Imagine a synthetic biological system that is able to: 

1) Sense and respond to environmental inputs. 

Using bacteria as sensors to detect environmental changes relevant to the construction of buildings. Specifically we have two projects:


2) Organise bacteria cells into specified patterns and

Considering bacteria as multicellular organisms and designing systems which control the morphology of their growth and distribution. Specifically we have projects which:


3) Synthesise materials to build new types of structure.

Producing or inducing the production of structural materials where and when relevant. Specifically we have a project which: