Anil Wipat

I am Professor of Bioinformatics, associate-director of Newcastle University Centre for Synthetic Biology and Bioexploitation (CSBB), and co-director of the ICOS Group in the School of Computing Science. I have over 28 years experience in molecular microbiology and 15 years experience in computing science. Anil’s group have developed software and tools for the computational design of synthetic bacterial systems which they implement in dedicated state of the art wet-lab facilities in the Centre for Bacterial Cell Biology. The group also have wider expertise in data integration, microbial genetics, standards for SynBio and strategies for the automation of genetic designs, including robotics and microfluidics systems. I lead the SynBio team of the EPSRC funded project (EP/K039083/1), modelling, engineering and developing synthetic waste-water treatment systems. I am the Newcastle PI for the SynBio IKC SynbiCITE and works with Microsoft Research to develop computational approaches to biological systems design. I am also part of the UK Flowers consortium (EP/J02175X/1) that is developing an infrastructure for Synthetic Biology that includes a computational infrastructure and an infrastructure for the laboratory-based composition, testing and characterization of synthetic systems.