Martyn Dade-Robertson

I am a Senior Lecturer in Architecture at Newcastle University where he specialises in Design Computation with a special interest in emerging technologies particularly Synthetic Biology. I am the Co-Director or ARC and leads the Synbio.Construction initiative and holds degrees in Architectural Design, Architectural Computation and Synthetic Biology and is the author of over 20 peer reviewed publications including the book: The Architecture of Information published by Routledge in 2011.

I have also looked to move past technological speculation in areas such as digital technology and Synthetic Biology to develop and explore experimental prototypes, seeking to ground speculative discourse in practical reality. Through the development of core research programs in technology and scientific areas such as Synthetic Biology, my aim is to develop a rigorous intellectual engagement with new types of material systems and practices.

I am Co-Director (with Katie Lloyd Thomas) of ARC (The Architectural Research Collaborative) and and Editor for ARQ (Cambridge University Press – Architectural Research Quarterly). I have published more than 20 peer reviewed publications including the book The Architecture of Information (Routledge 2011) and received more than £400,000 in research income working on projects which span architectural design and digital technologies.