Meng Zhang

I am currently a Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences at Northumbria University with degrees in Biotechnology, Masters degree in Health, Environment and Development at Sunderland University and was awarded an Overseas Research Scholarship by UK Universities to study for a PhD in Proteomics.I have published extensively in Molecular biology on, for example the expression of recombinant enzymes in Escherichia coli, the development of advanced methods. My research income has largely been generated through applied and commercially funded projects including TSB projects in Green Synthesis of Dibasic Acids using Biocatalysis (#131145), Pathway Engineering for Sustainable Aromatic Chemicals, Green Synthesis of Dibasic Acids using Biocatalysis 2 (#101761).The discovery and development of large/diverse user-friendly panels of novel biocatalysis enzymes (TSB Proposal Reference: TS/M004767/1). I am also the R&D manager in Nzomics Biocatalysis, which is a university enterprise in Northumbria and has worked with commercial partners including GSK, Kraft Foods, Almac Sciences, Prozomix, and Hycagen.